Crowdsourcing a Competition

We developed a concept called “Transformed by You” to involve people to come up with ideas and work with students and entrepreneurs to help turn them into prototypes. You can see here some of what was developed. If you missed the activities last time round, you’ll be pleased to know we’re doing it again, but slightly differently with partners right across the county.

As Kent Connects, who lead on technology for local public services across Kent, we’re planning a competition running from September to invite you to come up with ideas on how to make your area a better place to live, work & play using technology!

How is the competition going to work?

When we launch, there will be the opportunity for you to come up with ideas online and develop them at a workshop. We will work with digital innovators to develop ways to turn your ideas into digital tools and get them together over a hackday and then invite you back to test them to make sure they work for you.

What have we planned so far?

How can you shape the competition?

But before we launch this competition, we’d love to get your thoughts on how you’d like to be involved in shaping it. Add or rate how you’d like to be involved here.

If you want to email us instead about the approach or want to find out more about the competition, you can do that too. The deadline is 29th July midnight, so get cracking!

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