Daily Dose: House Subcommittee cracks down on the GSA

The House Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee on public buildings got serious with GSA officials yesterday, issuing threats if the agency doesn’t clean up its act. Members of the subcommittee claim they have been blocked from receiving budget figures, and Chairman Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) didn’t hide his frustration, saying:

“Let me just issue a warning … If this [spending and lack of information] continues to go on … I am prepared to systematically pull apart GSA to the point where we will make it a question to the American public on whether GSA is needed at all. But the wasteful spending is going to stop and the transparency is going to begin.”

Denham also excused one GSA employee, Event Planner Lisa Daniels, from speaking. Upon being asked, she claimed she was not represented and had no statement prepared. She was issued a “word of caution” by Denham that he was provided a “great deal of troubling information” by the GSA Inspector General in regards to her and that she should “seek legal counsel.”

House Panel Tells GSA, ‘Party is Over’

Daniels allegedly told the Vegas resorts Conference Services Manager that she “can’t live without” a purse that was being sold in the gift shop for $96. She was then offered and accepted a $30 comp for the bag after asking if the manager received discounts.


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