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Tax day gets less taxing via video–Will new IRS VTC pilot program work?

According to a recent article in Fierce Enterprise Communications, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking to provide support and a helping hand to Americans drowning in a sea of tax laws and paperwork. However, the IRS has limited resources, and obviously can’t be present to help every struggling American. It’s for this reason that they’re turning to video to toss a virtual life preserver to American citizens.

The IRS’ pilot program is designed to offer tax preparation assistance to Americans via advanced Unified Communications (UC) solutions, such as video teleconferencing (VTC). As part of the pilot, American citizens can access centers in Colorado Springs, CO, Fresno, CA, and Utica, NY, equipped with VTC solutions where they can receive face-to-face assistance from an IRS agent.

Read the full article at http://feduc.us/?p=776.

Will this work? What are your thoughts?

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Chris Cairns

Might not work in every case, but this pilot program should work. Fantastic idea. Lots of benefits such travel cost savings, improved accuracy of reporting (close the tax gap), and more.

Calista Rollogas

I definitely agree. With tax laws being somewhat complicated to the lay person, I think a face-to-face conversation can be priceless. But if you’ve ever visited an IRS center, assuming you’re even one of the lucky few to be in the vicinity of one, you know how impossible and rare that opportunity can be. I think VTC opens up a world of opportunity for increased efficiency, better availability, and tremendous cost savings. Thanks for the input Chris!