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Daily Dose: How do you engage with your employees?

Yesterday evening, Federal Coach Tom Fox at the Washington Post shared the Department of Transportation’s “Cheat Sheet for Engaging Employees”.

These are the recommended tips “to help boost the morale and job satisfaction of your employees”:

· Drop by employee meetings

· Listen to your employees

· Let employees know you

· Celebrate the Oath of Office.

· Report the news, good or bad

· Put on the pedometer and “walk the halls” to greet/chat with employees

· Join them for lunch or coffee

· Get outside of the Beltway and meet with regional/field employees

· Conduct “stay” interviews for top employees

· Turn your employees into your consultants

How do you engage with your employees?

Do you agree with this list?

What tips would you add?

A cheat sheet for engaging employees


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Emily Nicole Hitt

Nice resource – does anyone know what that DOT document is called officially or where I can link to it, or get a copy?

Allison Primack

Emily – I did some digging and couldn’t find the document. I would love to see it if anyone has access to it!

Additionally, here were some responses from GovLoop’s Facebook on this topic:

Jennifer Bledsoe Empower them!

Iris Mars Pay them!
Christopher Huerta Start with this…..Thank them. Say…”Thank You” actually say the words, then show then you appreciate them with a raise, small bonus, a paid day off, something to show you appreciate them. Most work without acknowledgment for their efforts, ever.