Darth Vader – Project Manager

What does the Lord of the Sith have to do with Project Management? Read the link below to find out.


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Pat Fiorenza

Thanks for sharing this – enjoyed the article, and learned some lessons about project management! Who knew Darth Vader was so skilled at Project Management?

From the article:

Number 9: Vader made decisions based on objective data, not whims. Remember that Imperial officer who had to report to Vader that they had lost Han Solo in the asteroid field, and he choked him? That was some decisive action! Vader consistently evaluated the performance of his team, and made changes to fix problems when the team didn’t perform. Sure, there may have been some fear and terror, but put all that aside. The inclination to objectively evaluate the performance of your team and not accept substandard performance is an important one. Project teams needs to feel safe and supported, but they also need to know that the project goals need to get met, and if you aren’t delivering on your commitments, changes need to get made. Thank you, Vader, for making tough choices to accomplish your goals!

Article gave me a good laugh and was informative, thanks again!