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Time for an Intellectual Labor Day

In the United States we’re getting ready for a three-day Labor Day weekend. While for many that may mean the unofficial end of summer, beginning of the school year, or various retail sales promotions – our Labor day tradition started over a century ago. In general, it’s a celebration of the contributions to our countryRead… Read more »

Just Say “No” to the Status Quo

Maybe things aren’t working out for you. Perhaps it’s just a fluke and things will turn out better for you next time. Perhaps the system will course-correct and right itself automatically. But then again… maybe it won’t. Instead, what if doing more of the same (more effort, more efficiency, more resources, more louder, more firefighting)Read… Read more »

What’s Counted and What Really Counts

As a Project Management Professional, you probably spend a lot of time with numbers. You’re constantly checking to ensure schedule, quality, and cost are under control. This is good because that is an important part of your job, but is it the most important part? Consider the quote below: Not everything that counts can beRead… Read more »

Context Is King

They used to say “content is king.” Kings, like anything, have value because they are rare. Is content rare? With hundreds of millions of users on Facebook and Twitter and tens of millions of blogs, content is everywhere. Sure, the quality varies, but content is anything but scarse. Most is ephemeral, easily forgotten, and replaced.Read… Read more »

It’s All About Memory

I recently pubished a post on personal mastery in your current job vs moving up: Today, I read something that suggests that rather than deliberate practice, your memory capacity is actually the key difference between good and great: What do you think GovLoopers? Could the hype about memory correct and if so, shouldRead… Read more »