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Democracy Is FAIR PLAY…Not Furlough!

Democracy is fair play. Perhaps a lesson that Congress should be learning right now? It is afterall about compromise, give and take…fair play.

I was checking out Kerry Ann OConnor’s posting “I Got Furlough Fever and the only Prescription Is” where I stumbled across this video by Yared Shumete of Ethiopia. This video was the winner of last year’s Democracy Video Challenge.

Yared Shumete was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He began his career in film as an editor for a short movie in 2003, and he has also written short movie scripts.

Shumete founded the Alatinos Filmmakers Association with fellow filmmakers in 2004 and currently serves as its president. The film association educates young filmmakers through weekly training and discussion programs and works to improve the current conditions for filmmaking in Ethiopia.

Shumete says his entry for the 2010 Democracy Video Challenge, Democracy is Fair Play, was inspired by a talk with a friend in which he concluded, “Even if you are not on the top, you are still in the game.”

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