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State Leaders: Look to Others’ Experience Before You Leap

How do we know if states (or my state) are acting efficiently with tax dollars and if programs or initiatives are working? Surprising, we know little from the states themselves. “Of course, our programs are working,” say the elected politicians! “Our programs are more effective than ever!” say the myriad of special interest groups clamoringRead… Read more »

Governments make residents give up privacy when using third party online comment solutions

I recently submitted an entry to the Knight Foundation News Challenge that’s looking for ideas to “strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation.” My submission* calls for creating standards, practices and processes for online public comment for attribution and validation. Developing online standards to replicate or comply with historical and legislated public comment processesRead… Read more »

In which circumstances should a democratic nation ban access to social networks?

During the UK riots in 2011, the UK Prime Minister suggested shutting down social networks in future riots to prevent information sharing amongst rioters. Now Turkey has blocked access to Twitter, stating the service was ‘biased’ and did nothing to stop the ‘character assassination’ of politicians in the current ruling party accused of bribery. LikeRead… Read more »

Nelson Mandela: His Legacy to Democracy

We recently read an inspiring piece from the Kettering Foundation, an NCDD member organization, that we hope you will take a moment to read. It is a heartfelt tribute to the amazing legacy of the late Nelson Mandela, written by KF Interntional Resident and graduate student at the the University of the Witwatersrand in SouthRead… Read more »

America at 237: A Guiding Light or A Dimming Beacon?

Having made two trips to Egypt since the Arab Spring to work with current and emerging political leaders, I closely follow its ever-changing political situation. In the past week, the protests that allowed the country to exercise its voice for democracy has turned into ugly battles between the right and left, between those feeling unempoweredRead… Read more »

A Citizen’s Guide to Open Government, E-Government, and Government 2.0

Engaged citizens want clear, credible information from the government about how it’s carrying on its business. They don’t want to thumb through thousands of files or wait month after month or go through the rigors of filing claims through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). They want government information, services, and communication to be forthcoming andRead… Read more »

Co-Delivery: Beyond Traditional Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement has traditionally been viewed as citizens participating in community activities such as testifying on policy proposals, budgets, and strategic plans. But government does more than policy and budget. And citizens want to do more than testify or volunteer at the local food bank. How can governments at all levels engage their citizens inRead… Read more »

Guns & Government: The Anti-Federalist Solution

With the gun control debate still raging nationwide, we should carefully consider the original intent of the Founding Fathers in applying the U.S. Constitution – including the Bill of Rights — to federal, state and local governance. While many arguments and interpretations have been directed at parsing the language of the Second Amendment there’s aRead… Read more »