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Developing APIs and the Digital Government Strategy: Is Your Agency Prepared to Create New Software?

Yesterday, the third session of Howto.gov’s (managed by GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies and the Federal Web Managers Council) 8-part series on APIs aired. These free, online discussions aim to inform and inspire agencies nationwide to get their data online and develop APIs to make life easier internally and externally. This session focused specifically on real APIs currently being used throughout the nation. This course is for anyone interested in APIs and people implementing the Digital Government Strategy in their agencies.

Experts from the Federal Register, NASA, and GSA provided insights into APIs. The webinar was moderated by Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist at GSA’s Digital Services Innovation Center.

Mike White, Director of Publication and Services with the Federal Registry spoke about the Sunlight Labs: Apps for America Contest and the APIs that came out of it.

Nick Skytland, the Program Manager, at Open.nasa.gov spoke about open.nasa.gov and data.nasa.gov. These open data sets and mass collaboration allow developers and citizens alike to work together to solve big problems. NASA had an International Space Apps challenge to which ExoAPI was born, an API that aggregates exo-planetary data.

Lastly, Jed Sundwall, (with the GSA) spoke about an API that was recently developed for citizens to verify the authenticity of government related social media accounts.

How does your agency stack up against others in the development in APIs to fill gaps amongst the data available in government?

Ideas for APIs to improve the lives of govies/citizens?

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