Disaster prepping on the cheap or “buy low cost – enjoy high returns”

The biggest obstacle to emergency prepping can be the cost. Lanterns, sleeping bags, knapsacks, first aide kits, flash lights, water, cooking stove, etc., etc. It does not have to be that way. The best advice is to collect what you need when it is on sale. Right now winter camping gear is on sale. It is a good time to buy. (hint hint)

Emergency prep is not about buying what you need, its about having what you need before hand. When someone has a cut or needs an aspirin one should not say “Can you wait an hour? I will go at lunch time and get you a band-aid or an aspirin” Emergency prep is also about knowing how to use the equipment safely in different situations.

When looking at people who have a lot of gear or knowledge know they did not get it all at once. Most likely it was collected over time.

Why does this apply to government folks? Schools, business and such can shut down. The government should not shutdown or be one of the last to fall. The only way that can happen is if the employees are ready to come into work and it is safe.

What if you do not have to come in? Be prepared. Those who are prepared suffer less than those who are not. This is prep 2.0 or making it through the emergency in comfort not tears.

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