District 5 Celebrates their Mortgage Burning and Building Rededication

AFGE’s District 5 building has officially been named after National Vice President Emeritus Kenneth Blaylock.

On August 27, AFGE District 5 made history as they celebrated their “Mortgage Burning” and Building Rededication Ceremony.

The building is now officially named after National Vice President Emeritus Kenneth Blaylock, who also served as the keynote speaker for the rededication ceremony. In addition, the office suite District 5 occupies in the building has been officially named after Alabama AFL-CIO former National Vice President Charlotte Flowers, who was recently inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame.

National Treasurer-Secretary Cox also participated in the ceremony along with a crowd of about 150 AFGE District 5 members, union leaders, and other dignitaries attended the ceremony. Other AFGE dignitaries in attendance included National Vice President Emeritus Bobby Harnage, Former National Treasurer-Secretary Jim Davis, and National Vice President Mary Lynn Walker.

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