Diving into something new

I have worked to establish a new Social Business Practice at Swimfish while concurrently working as the company’s CTO and SVP of Engineering. Doing a great job on both has been a challenge, a challenge resulting in a non-start of the new practice.

After a lot of thought I have decided to dive in and fully embrace my passion, my passion for The Social Ecosystem and for helping do my part in furthering common sense business approaches across the public and private sector. What does this mean?

I am going out on my own to focus on The Social Ecosystem practice. This practice will evolve over time, of course, but my focus is entirely upon helping public and private sector organizations deliver value, true value. While I am initially focused in North America I will also explore opportunities elsewhere in hopes of furthering our common understanding. How can I help you? Here are a few ideas:

  • Speaking to your organization about The Social Ecosystem and its various components including Government 2.0, Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0, and more.
  • Revising and devising strategies to meet your organizational goals. This includes a focus on:
    • Social Business Strategies.
    • Government 2.0 Strategies.
    • Customer Service Strategies.
    • Leadership Development.
    • Engineering best practices especially for SAAS-based startups.
  • Developing white papers for your organization’s products and services.
  • As a knowledgable analyst on the Government 2.0 and Social CRM space.
  • As a product manager helping review and refine product roadmaps for tools and solutions in this space.

So, what will my new practice be called? Stay tuned, a bit of mystery isn’t a bad thing.


If you would like to view more case studies and interviews, or just want to read about The Social Ecosystem, click on the links and let me know your thoughts.

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