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Do State public services have more get up and go than Feds?

The Victorian Public Sector, Australia has released its’ Gov 2.0 Action Plan. Having worked in both the Australian Public Service and State/Territory jurisdictions I’ve always been struck by the fact that State/Territory public sector jurisdictions are more action oriented. Not surprising given the fact that these jurisdictions are at the pointy end of service delivery whereas the Australian Public Service is a few more steps removed.
It’s a great action plan and the requirement that – ‘Every VPS department will undertake at least one Government 2.0 project by 30 June 2011, aimed at opening up data, making operations more transparent or expanding opportunities for citizen engagement. Collectively, these projects will contribute to a more transparent, collaborative and participatory public service’ – is very telling indeed.
Leadership and practical requirements like this are what is needed to shift the culture of the APS.
So how about all Australian Public Service agencies have the same requirement placed on them. There is lots of good stuff going on, but more action and leadership on the ground is needed in the Australian Public Service.
Am I being overly critical here?

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