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Using Culture and Technologies for DevOps

If your organization is used to managing projects in a linear, siloed process, the idea of implementing the collaborative, iterative DevOps approach can seem daunting. While there are significant benefits to the methodology, it does require significant changes across an organization. How do you manage those changes to achieve DevOps success?

All About Holiday Celebrations in the Workplace

The workplace can be stressful, and we don’t want holiday celebrations to cause more stress, so just think before you bring in your life-size Santa to share with your colleagues, and make sure your colleagues know how much they are appreciated.

Are You a Rebel At Work? Here's How To Tell...

Government rebels from all walks of life spanning a range of government agencies united in full force at this year’s NextGenGov’s summit, and it was inspiring. Now, these rebels were not your stereotypical outliers or black sheep; the packed room included a Fellow from the State Department, a Medicaid expert from Wyoming, and a Management... Read more »