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Does Social Media Really Matter to HR?

This morning, HCI Blogger Hillary Roberts asked, “Has the endless debate between risk mitigators and cheerleaders left HR confused about how social media should be used by your organization?”

After surveying over 800 HR specialists, the Human Capital Institute wondered what social media sites were favored by HR professionals and how were they used to advance human resource efforts. Here were some common questions that arose in their survey:

  • Does advanced use of social media produce optimal benefits?
  • Is social media ROI worth measuring?
  • How are organizations mitigating the risks of social media?
  • Which organizational function should own social media strategy and policy?
  • Which tools are most widely used and have the best results?

Does your HR team use social media to advance their work efforts? If they do, how is it used and is it effective?

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Julia Tanasic

I wonder if there are thoughts about whether HR teams use social media not only for them but also against the applicant (checking Twitter accounts, FB etc) to get a better profile of the candidate? In Europe that kind of “investigation” work is a common procedure for HR teams…

Doris Tirone

Social media is working both ways for HR teams … there are many employers checking out applicants using SM these days. I know this because there’s plenty of writing on the subject to help enlighten job-seekers about how their use of SM can hurt them during their job hunts.