Many IT implementations suffer from poor user adoption because they did not take into account the barriers to user adoption that lie outside the users’ control. If we want to maximize user adoption, we need to take a comprehensive approach to identifying and removing barriers to adoption.

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AJ Malik

I firmly believe that you cannot come across as the arrogant centralized IT organization stuffing a one-size-fits-all solution down the throats of customers. This may be the conventional perception of IT by customers. Rather, consensus building with a representative set of stakeholders, actively engaging them from the get go, whether it be initial evaluation, pilots, or even deployments can go far to drive user adoption. Stakeholders should be comprised of both executives/senior managers for sponsorship, as well as power users for training/adoption purposes. Furthermore, a solid communications plan will lubricate team efforts to better set customer expectations. Lastly, the work culture must be seriously considered to better strategize on how to overcome organizational barriers and maximize user adoption.