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Examples of Twitter use by Mecklenburg County

I had a few inquiries about Mecklenburg County’s Twitter use, so thought I’d post examples –

@MeckCounty The County Manager recently visited the Thomasboro Community of Shalom seeking feedback on the upcoming county budget: http://bit.ly/drYi74

(Ties in with our use of a Mecklenburg YouTube channel.)

@meckhealth Save the date. Mecklenburg County Public Health Forum Healthy Kids – A Better Future to be held April 30 . http://bit.ly/a5ZDKS

@meckpermit Meeting with Jim Hock today to tour new LEED-certified condos in Wesley Heights. Learn more at www.celadongreenway.com.

@MeckCounty Mecklenburg County awarded nonprofits over $5 million in Community Service Grants this year. Find out how to apply at http://bit.ly/bsYkOY.

@MeckCounty ALL recreation centers, the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center, Ray’s Splash Planet, Marion Diehl Pool & Grady Cole Center are CLOSED today.

@Meck_eGov This week’s #MeckBOCC Board Bulletin: grant op for local non-profits; ethics training for elected officials – http://bit.ly/bIORzW #meckgov

Now all of the above are one-way pushes of info, at least initially. Be prepared to make the commitment to respond to questions and comments. It can’t be a glorified email.

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Brian Cox

Re metrics, just the basic Twitter provided stats. However, we are particularly interested in traffic to website from Twitter.

Darrel W. Cole

This is solid, basic governmental information. Followers will either want it or not. If the Tweets are timely and relevant, it will work. They could add more relevancy with more personalized Tweets from officials,better use of # tags, asking for feedback and responding. But for a PR person like me, I am encouraging governments to start with the basics like this and then building. Getting them to start it is the hardest part.

Nicole Pennell

I think even more important is the way we’re engaging directly with Mecklenburg County residents. Here is one example. A resident sent us an @ message asking about a street light. Althought that’s a City of Charlotte issue and not a County service, I researched it for him and provided the following responses:

@taylormokris You’re welcome. The best resource for questions/concerns would be CDOT: http://bit.ly/9c8UK1
@MeckCounty I appreciate the follow up. The development isn’t even close to complete. It’s crazy
@taylormokris 311 says it was installed due to Ashley Park develop on inbound side. Adds addl service to the apartments across the street.
@taylormokris I think that is a City of Charlotte issue, but I’ll pass it along to 311.
taylormokris: Alright @MeckCounty idk who is responsible for this new light on Sharon outside Sharon corners but this is flat out idiotic for traffic