Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

“Sterling, you are your own worst enemy,” my father told me.

He was right. And it was one of the best lessons I’ve learned. I”ll spare you the exact details, but my life changed that day. That was December 28, 2008.

I’ve made more mistakes in my young life than I care to remember, but I finally learned that I was my worst enemy. I had a bright future, but it was like I enjoyed tearing it down. No more. Things only went up from that point because my father forced me to recognize my enemy.

In the same sense, I encourage you to recognize whether or not you are your worst enemy. It took me years to recognize it, but the pay off has been tremendous.

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Kevin Dubs

Well said, Sterling. This reminds me of the fear of putting yourself out there. I always try to battle this by committing to good opportunities and then sticking with it. Even when that inner fear comes out, I know I’ve already committed to something and refuse to back out.

Sterling Whitehead

@Kevin. Good point. I’m always afraid to put myself out there. However, I’ve found my writing becomes more personal (and my extension, much better) when I do. Maybe I’ll give the exact details on my mistakes in the future…maybe.