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Don’t Bring Doughnuts to Work, Bring JUICE–Part 1

J-Joy; U-Unity; I-Integrity, Inspiration; C- commitment, courage; E-Empathy = JUICE

If you are concerned because your office is receiving an increasing numbers of EEO complaints and there is general employee dissatisfaction throughout your agency, you are not alone. Many public and private organizations are experiencing the same phenomena. With the graying of the workforce, the hiring of younger people and the growing mix of multi-cultural employees, maintaining a workplace culture to accommodate the distinct needs of each group is more difficult than ever.

Traditional Diversity and Inclusion classes, instead of fostering cohesiveness, can actually intensify tensions by focusing on differences, raising resentment levels, and creating a greater “me versus them” attitude. That’s because these classes are solely designed to treat the symptom; Bringing JUICE to work cures the illness – unhealthy workplace relationships.

The premise of Don’t Bring Doughnuts—Bring JUICE to Work is that each individual is responsible and accountable for his or her relationships with bosses and co-workers. Teaching each employee how to exercise this responsibility breaks down the communication barriers that are the real cause of employee dissatisfaction.

Responsible employees don’t play the “blame game” because they have the emotional intelligence, skills and techniques to recognize their role in causing conflicts and how to effectively diffuse a conflict before it explodes. .

Bringing JUICE to work provides the following benefits:

 Significantly increases employee productivity and morale

 Improves employee retention

 Decreases the number of EEO complaints and grievances

 Develops a more collaborative culture within your organization

 Encourages and enables creative decision making

 Enhances customer satisfaction


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