Draft Updated Field ITS PD GS 11/12 for Current Vacancies

We are working w/OFP to get this completed, with goal to bring folks on board in time for the nationwide roll-out of laptops. We have a meeting scheduled next week w/OFP to hash out any issues they may have. You’re welcome to provide comments if you like. I recall that several of you during the Summit indicated you would like to provide input. So this is your opportunity. You can provide input either thru the comments section on this page or by sending me a direct e-mail to [email protected] Of course, you can also send your comments the traditional way – thru your chain of command and to OFP. But I’m providing this page for you and my e-mail address as an alternate way for sending input, which you may use if you so desire. As I said during the Summit, I remain committed to providing all of you with a convenient forum for expressing your opinions and sharing information with each other and with OIT. And I remain committed to continually improving our collaborative efforts. Please let me know if you would like to provide input. Warmest regards, Lizette.

PD#F1126 in lieu of old PD#F1115 draft 01122010.doc

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Alcinda Clay

Just a question. Why was this sentence limited to the wording ‘one or two other offices’? (I have 5). . . “The incumbent serves as the team leader IT Specialist (ITS) for his/her entire district, which may consist of one or two other offices.” …

Lizette Molina

Good catch. That’s from the old PD and I just didn’t see it. That’s what happens when you look at the same document too many times. You miss stuff. And that’s why I wanted to share w/all of you – hoping you might catch something I missed. Thanks a lot. I’ll update that in the draft.