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Five Tips For Getting Up to Speed in Your New Job

“Let me just show you around…” “…your desk is by the window…” “…and you’ll need to turn that in every Friday…” “…here’s the coffee maker, it’s a little fidgety, so just…” “…Joel’s been with us since the beginning, just ask him anything…” “…extra pens in the closet…” “…meeting every Tuesday, except this week it’s Wednesday…”Read… Read more »

What’s Another Name for “Director”

A colleague and I are having a discussion about the position or title of Director. Is it over saturated or is the title appropriate for the position. The position we are discussiong specifically is for that of a Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 person. They wish it to be called coordinator. This position does notRead… Read more »

Human Resource Specialist Are Looking For Buzz Words

In order to craft your resume appropriately, you need to use action/buzz words to show that you possess either entry-level, mid-level, or executive level experience. In most cases, you will want to overlap these action/buzz words between your current position level and the position level that you are applying to. The Federal Resume Toolbox hasRead… Read more »

Public Affairs Specialist position for US Forest Service in Golden, Colorado

The US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Regional Office is looking for a public affairs specialist who can manage the Region’s web site and support field offices with their sites as well. We are interested in finding a candidate in the Denver Metro area. The pay scale is a GS 11/12; which translates to about $60,000Read… Read more »