EEOC, Courtyard by Marriott, and New York Ave Subway Locations

Folks, there was a Google map I created that marked all 3 locations so everyone could get a feel for how close all 3 are to each other. And I put the link in the logistics memo I sent to all the field ITS’ and DRM’s. It worked then; but doesn’t seem to work now. I think I found the problem – there’s 2 links you can use – one that should be embedded in an HTML page and one that should be used in e-mails. I used the former; and it seems I should have used the latter in a Word DOC. So here’s both links. You tell me which one works for you from this page. Here’s what you should see: a blue upside/down tear drop marker at each of the 3 locations and descriptive text for each location, including things like the color and height of EEOC HQ. If you don’t see that, please let me know. It could be that I didn’t set the privacy settings for “public”. Thanks ya’ll!

link for e-mails:

link for embedding in webpages:
View Courtyard by Marriott, New York Ave Subway, EEOC HQ in a larger map

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