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Maps on Apps and Apps on Maps – GIS Beyond the Office

Long gone are they days where workers are tied to their desks. In fact, people increasingly rely on mobile devices to access information – especially those in field staff positions. Those mobile workers require fast, reliable location-based apps to get their jobs done. But how do you do that effectively? At GovLoop and Esri’s Meet UpRead… Read more »

Decision Making with Real-Time Data

GIS is a platform for understanding our world. In the past, the data that fueled GIS could only represent a specific moment in time. But now, a number of new technologies are combining with ArcGIS to enable the real-time collection and sharing of data. The result? A dynamic platform that enables real-time visualization and analysis.Read… Read more »

Old Faithful Goes Digital: Google’s Partnership with The U.S. National Park Service

When the government shut down in October 2013, employees were furloughed, websites were sent offline, and delivery of important government services was interrupted. These were all difficult consequences for our nation. Yet, the one effect of the shutdown that seemed to foster the most frustration was an unexpected one: the closing of our national parks.Read… Read more »

3 Ways GIS is Powering Civic Engagement Initiatives

The following post highlights our latest guide on GIS, The Mapping Revolution: Incorporating Geographic Information Systems in Government. The report features case studies and best practices from the Census Bureau, and United States Department of Agriculture and insights from Esri President, Jack Dangermond. (Download PDF or view online below). This blog post is anRead… Read more »