Emergency 2.0 Wiki Blog is now live!

Hi All,

Thought you might be interested to know that the Emergency 2.0 Wiki Working Group have just launched the blog site and are undertaking a “Blog Launch Blitz” right this minute, to promote the wiki locally and globally to our stakeholders using social media!

We’re in Brisbane, Australia with our laptops and mobile phones tweeting, posting discussions and blogging! Those that can’t be here are spreading the word wherever they are, including a member tweeting from France! Go social media!

The Wiki is an initiative of the gov2qld group (find us on LinkedIn) and its vision is to empower the community with the knowledge to use web2.0 and social media in emergency communications. It will be a new collaborative model for sharing and advancing knowledge – to provide best practice guidelines on how to utilise social media in all phases of emergency communications (prevention, preparation, response and recovery). We aim to have the wiki ready for November for the Australian Summer season of floods, cyclones and bushfires.

It takes a community to create a wiki and we need your participation! We will be ’crowdsourcing’ input from all sectors of the community including emergency services, government, community agencies, business, ICT, the voluntary technical community, the education sector, the media and the public…

The blog site provides an information hub to keep you up to date as we journey to turning the vision into a reality. It has background information on the project, future scenarios of what an emergency 2.0 empowered community will look like, frequently asked questions, events and resources. Most importantly, it will keep you up to date on progress with developing the Wiki!

Check it out and let us know what you think! We’d love your feedback.

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Matthew Kassay

Congratulations on a successful launch, Eileen and for getting the message out there around the world so effectively! I’m looking forward to playing a part in the success of this innovative and important project, and hope that many other Govloop members do likewise.