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Considerations for the Digital Public Information Officer (PIO)

This topic has come up time and time again here on GovLoop and I felt it was time to revisit the greater discussion involving use of social/new/2.0/3.0/etc technology for the purposes of emergency response, recovery, mitigation, citizen engagement, and so forth through the optic of the PIO. To this end, an entire world-wide group ofRead… Read more »

The Emergency Communications Catalyst: Social Media Meets Amateur Radio

I recently wrote on the coming of age of the “Digital Public Information Officer (PIO)” and how social media, digital volunteers, and organization is key. (Find the original posting here: Considerations for the Digital Public Information Officer) This sparked a lot of great conversation across the Social Media in Emergency Management (SMEM) community and aRead… Read more »

Emergency 2.0 Wiki is Now LIVE!!

Today is a big day for social media and emergency management: The Emergency 2.0 Wiki is now live! For those already in the know about #SMEM and its rather large following this is great news. For those of you that have no idea what ‘m talking about, let me fill you in: #SMEM is theRead… Read more »

GovFresh 2011 Awards Nominations and Voting Now Open

As some of you may be aware the #SMEM community made a huge push to get #SMEM into this years top categories for consideration on GovFresh’s Awards for social media engagement. Well, I have some good news. Not only did our efforts get #SMEM as a category this year pay off, #SMEM will have twoRead… Read more »

Emergency 2.0 Gets A Wiki: #SMEM Goes To Work December 8

For those already in the know about #SMEM and its rather large following this is great news. For those of you that have no idea what ‘m talking about, let me fill you in: #SMEM is the twitter hash tag that a great deal of emergency management professionals are using to track conversations and connectRead… Read more »

Web/Social Media Metrics Reports: Hurricane Irene and Major Flooding

It’s been an eventful few weeks in my neck of the woods. Let’s recap: 1.) Aug. 19: Thousands of motorcycle riders paid tribute to 9/11 with a massive ride through Northern Virginia, including Fairfax Co., causing major communications needs for commuters. 2.) Aug. 23: A once-in-a-lifetime earthquake strikes and rattles Virginia. 3.) Aug. 25-29: HurricaneRead… Read more »

Emergency 2.0 Wiki Blog is now live!

Hi All, Thought you might be interested to know that the Emergency 2.0 Wiki Working Group have just launched the blog site and are undertaking a “Blog Launch Blitz” right this minute, to promote the wiki locally and globally to our stakeholders using social media! We’re in Brisbane, Australia with our laptops and mobile phonesRead… Read more »

Random Data – What Percent of the U.S. is the Population of Each FEMA Region?

Ok Ok…I know…who plays with data for fun? Well, I did…and pulled this little tid bit together and thought I’d share in case anyone was interested. I was interested in figuring out what percentage of the total U.S. population each FEMA Region represented…just something I think about… After pulling 2010 Census Data from –Read… Read more »

Making Sense of Twitter – the Uber Hashtag

Originally posted at 2011 February 17 tags: #crisisdata, #hashtag, #hsem, #informationsharing, #twitter, SMEM by Sara Estes Cohen I was recently inspired after reading a tweet posted by Hal Grieb, who shared a link to an article on how to communicate a snow event. To ensure the tweet was seen by all potentially interested parties,Read… Read more »

#SMEMChat Fridays at 12:30 p.m. (ET)

Many of us in the #gov20 space are trying to sort through the conundrum of #crisisdata, the result of seemingly endless Facebook posts, tweets, videos, photos and more. There’s great work going on at Crisis Commons and they’ve literally helped people and save lives. For those of us in emergency operations centers and joint informationRead… Read more »