Emergency Planning & the Disaster Supply Kit

Few would disagree on the importance of emergency planning and management in the face of natural catastrophe or disaster. However, many Americans tend to overlook or disregard the simple process of creating such a plan for themselves or their family and implementing a disaster supply kit for such emergencies. There are numerous resources online, found both at the FEMA website and at individual state emergency management sites, that provide invaluable information on emergency planning. In addition, all states have some system of localized Emergency Management Offices that are at the disposal of the surrounding communities.

In my home state, Mississippi, all 82 counties have a local Emergency Management Office. The professionals that work for state agencies like MEMA are ready to answer your questions and assist you with any preparedness activities you may have.These resources and agencies urge individuals to create a plan that includes an evacuation method and route, a communications plan, and a disaster supply kit. To increase your chances of surviving a disaster, develop and familiarize yourself and your family with an emergency plan.

To view a list of supplies recommended for a Disaster Supply Kit, please visit the following link:


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