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ASPA’s Section on Emergency Management Board Openings

If you are an active member of ASPA’s SECM and are interested in serving on the board, there are 3 positions open for election. If so, please let either John Kiefer or Tonya Elise Neaves ([email protected]) know as soon as possible. The new officers will assume their roles at ASPA’s national meeting in New OrleansRead… Read more »

Common Beliefs About Natural Disasters – Importance of Preparation

In recent months there have been a number of articles on emergency preparedness myths or commonly held notions about disasters. These myths point out a number of topics that are still being addressed by the EM community of various public and private agencies. Expenses & Effort Required: Being prepared is not expensive or complicated asRead… Read more »

Disaster Resistant University Workshop 2013

Following is the information regarding this upcoming conference and a call for presenters to submit topics: The University of New Orleans Center for Hazards Assessment, Response & Technology (UNO-CHART) is hosting a Disaster Resistant University Workshop on its main campus in New Orleans, LA. This conference will allow members of the higher education community toRead… Read more »

Football Saturday Meets Disaster Preparedness

In today’s cultural climate, professional athletes are often regarded as modern-day “heroes” by a large segment of the population. As a fellow sports enthusiast, I agree that there are few things more exciting than a game changing performance by star athletes. But heroism, like many others, is a relative term; one that is more oftenRead… Read more »

FEMA Corps Unveiled – Opportunities in Emergency Management

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced the induction of its inaugural class of the newly developed FEMA Corps. The ceremony was held in Vicksburg, Mississippi, honoring some 240 enrollees into the emergency management program. The aim is to establish a 1,600 person workforce that will supplement existing institutions and personnel in disaster preparedness, response,Read… Read more »

Citizen Disaster Preparedness Extremely Low

A recent article on Emergency Management Magazine’s website stated, “Surveys consistently indicate that less than 10 percent of the public is considered prepared for a disaster and that percentage is usually closer to 6 percent.” The article deems current strategies to prepare the public for emergencies as inadequate, stating that the threat-based message is deliveredRead… Read more »

New Understanding of Disaster Preparedness & Recovery in Mississippi

Following Hurricane Katrina, then-Governor Haley Barbour created the state’s Disaster Recovery Division and appointed Jon Mabry as its chief operations officer. Many lessons have been learned in the recovery process in the 7 years since Katrina directly affected some one million Mississippians, nearly one-third of the state’s population. In a recent interview with Emergency ManagementRead… Read more »

FEMA’s National Preparedness Coalition

Dear past National Preparedness Month member: As you know, September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA invites you to again pledge to prepare by joining the National Preparedness Coalition. The 2012 National Preparedness Coalition Online Community is the largest community yet, with over 15,500 members connecting and collaborating on emergency preparedness. Members are empowering themselvesRead… Read more »

Emergency Planning & the Disaster Supply Kit

Few would disagree on the importance of emergency planning and management in the face of natural catastrophe or disaster. However, many Americans tend to overlook or disregard the simple process of creating such a plan for themselves or their family and implementing a disaster supply kit for such emergencies. There are numerous resources online, foundRead… Read more »

FEMA’s National Preparedness Month & Award Nominations

September is FEMA’s National Preparedness Month and part of this event is the announcement of the 2012 Individual and Community Preparedness Awards recipients. These awards recognize outstanding individuals, organizations, Citizen Corps Councils, and programs that work to create safer, stronger, and well-prepared communities that can withstand emergency events and disaster. The application period is openRead… Read more »