EPP 2009 – Specialty Fertilizer Products

Team R visited Specialty Fertilizer Products today to learn about their best business practices. All I can say is Wow! Upon entry into the facility I was jealous. The office spaces are gorgeous. Very spacios – warm and inviting. Not to mention that the location is in the middle of a shopping center. Now we know the retention strategy.

In all seriousness, this company created a cutting edge product that can practically sell itself. Their innovative business model allows them to maximize their profits, which they pass on to their employees.

The employees have an open environment in which they can talk about anythingN whether it may be praising something or saying that something isn’t working. The managers have an open communication policyan which not only provides up to date information to the staff, but also explanations as to why things are the way they are.

Overall, the visit was great. Some of learned about fertilization, but we all walked away with some new best practices.

Team R

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