For the Developers: Cross-Browser Testing Without the Headaches

The holy grail of web development testing is being able to easily test your website in various browsers. The biggest problem is not only having to install each browser, but then having to run hacks on system to get older versions of the same browser running (ehem…IE, I’m talking to you). Well, today I was introduced to a sweet little nugget called Spoon.

By going to, you can test your site in IE 6, 7, 8; Firefox 2, 3, and 3.5; Safari 3, 4; Chrome; Opera 9, and 10. Not only can test your public sites, but you can test your internal sites! It works using server virtualization. This is pretty sweet actually. The one caveat is that you have to install their plugin to make it work. There’s some more information on how it works on their Technical Overview section.

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