European Commission seeks integrated trip planner

European Commissioner for Transport Siim Kallas announced a challenge to develop an integrated European journey planner that includes all countries and modes of transportation. “I do not see why there is such a big patchwork of journey planners when there is supposed to be one European market. I want to travel through Europe, switching from air to rail or sea, to urban or road transport with a single ticket planned and bought online,” Kallas said in a statement. “The technology already exists – we just need to get things started so that millions of Europeans are able to plan their journey with just a few simple clicks.” The challenge seeks submissions in two categories:

  • Operational European (or at least cross-border) multimodal journey planners
  • New ideas on how to develop a real European multimodal journey planner – ideally including reservation and ticketing facilities to make sure people can also book their whole journey online

Entries are due September 9, 2011. Selected planners will be posted online for public vote between October 15 and November 15. Details are available on the European Commission website.

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