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Everyone Wants to Manage Us but No One Wants to Work Here!

According to the January 16th article in FedSmith titled Debating the Cost of Federal Employees, “Recent reports in the media … have sparked a debate about whether or not federal employees are overpaid at a time when the federal deficit is soaring. Federal employee unions contend that federal employees are substantially underpaid, whereas others argue that federal pay far outpaces … the private sector.”

Consumers and producers have the most impact on the economy; they make decisions that mold the economy’s health & well-being; the government’s role might have an effect on the economy but it’s not responsible for where we are today. That prize belongs to Wall Street, and it’s Banking-cousins.

I’d rather hear from the Feds who chose public service as a callling, not as a career. What do you think?

  • Are Federal employees overpaid? and…
  • Assuming that private sector organizations overpay their employees (e.g., Wall Street bonuses, CEO perks, etc.), what would you do to better manage them?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a while. Perhaps therein lies the solution!

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