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Examples of Good Web 2.0 Newsrooms/Pages?

After a recent post about newroom 2.0 make overs…I’d now like to emphasize that there is a legitimate need to change towards the use of social media as part of your communication, marketing, outreach, employment recruitment, and the meeting of your agency procurement needs strategy.

Therefore, I went looking for good examples of Web 2.0 newsrooms to share with others. It is evident that social media has/is changing how the new-release structure and functionality is performed. If done correctly, then feasibly, one is able to go farther and cheaper in the social media world. This inturn is creating a paradigm shift in power, transitioning from large conglomerated brands and shifting over to individuals, services and integration of the business world down to the street level through the new virtualized social landscape.

Therefore, I say jump in and get your feet wet with your own newsroom 2.0, personally.

Below is a short list for you to take a look at for consideration, for comparison, and for ideas for your own social media enabled newsroom 2.0 planning.

Ultimately, you want to attract, interact and enhance the journalist’s online experience. I understood that there might be many journalists who are not ready for, nor understand 2.0 yet. And, that’s ok.

But, here are a few of my suggestions a few business selections and actual news outlets.

I really like Scannia’s page. Which one’s do you like best and why? What is a Newsroom 2.0 best practice to you and your agency? Are your Newsrooms doing your agency justice in getting the word out. Are you giving legs to your news 2.0?

Do you have another suggestion, post a comment for us to see other good examples and explain why you think they make good Web 2.0 newsrooms.

Example #1: Topix.com

Example #2 : Scannia

Example #3: Google News

Example #4: AOL News

Example #3: Ford

Example #4: Cisco

Example #4: Accenture

Example #5 : CNN US

I am looking for a few good Government 2.0 newsroom examples as well.

Got a suggestion let us know which ones light your socks on fire! 🙂

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Frederick P. Wellman

The US Army has been using an integrated approach for over 3 years now. Everything that is released or published from the Chief of Public Affairs is sent out via traditional release, Army News Service distribution, highlighted in stories through Soldiers Radio and Television and through all of the official web based outlets including army.mil, Twitter, Facebook and other channels. We started doing integrated “multi-platform” products back in December, 2007 with the first highlighting Miss Utah an Army National Guard soldier participating in Miss America with a feature story in Soliders Magazine, her own microsite, blog, YouTube and Flickr channels. They are doing an outstanding job as are now the other services, in integrating traditional release methods with new media.