Facebook Terms Change for State & Local Governments

Recently read an article that Facebook is becoming more firendly in hopes that more state governments join. A September 2010 NASCIO survey found legals problems in the original Facebook terms of service were one of the important barriest to statel and local governments joining.

Here’s what’s Facebook has agreed to do:

·strike the indemnity clause except to the extent indemnity is allowed by a state’s constitution or law;
·strike language requiring that legal disputes be venued in California courts and adjudicated under California law;
·require that a public agency include language directing consumers to its official website prominently on any Facebook page;
·and encourage amicable resolution between public entities and Facebook over any disputes.

Modifications immediately apply to state and local government agencies already on Facebook.

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Chris Bennett

Thanks Tricia. This was overdue, but better late than never. Any word on the issue of retaining comments made by others on a government FB page? It’s a pretty low-risk thing to do, but last I checked FB’s terms (reflected same on their export tool) doesn’t give you permission to save comments – because they’re owned by the author.

Jim Crawford

Good Morning, With as much pubic scrutiny as government is in the public any opportunity that government can make to shed light on what it is that taxpayers are paying for is a good thing! FB is a great venue since so many are conntected. Good move!

Aldo Bello

Do you know if these regulations were really preventing state and local gov from joining Facebook? What percentage overall?