FanBridge Ecosystem innovates Facebook Pages

A static Facebook page is the equivalent of a blank slate; dull, but still full of promise. Custom app development has allowed companies to inject excitement into their Facebook pages. However, apps require technical savvy and a considerable amount of time in the development stage. Apps also require excellent virtual real estate. Even the most engaging Facebook app may remain unnoticed unless it is placed on the profile page’s default tab.

Luckily, FanBridge bands together 12 companies that provide Facebook-specific apps into one accessible new service. FanBridge designs apps that are meant to live on the default tab of the profile page. From live video streaming to merchandising software to apps that send customized alerts and reminders, FanBridge has a fairly extensive suite of tools that enable organizations to effectively interact with their user base. With FanBridge, both commercial entities and public sector companies can now spend less time worrying about tedious coding and more time focused on creating engaging campaigns.

However, FanBridge’s future success as a public sector tool will depend on whether or not agencies can afford to pay for the service. While FanBridge offers users the opportunity to try the service for free, it does eventually graduate to a tier of paid plans. Public sector companies will have to underwrite the expense of the apps in connection with how much revenue they generate or the amount of community engagement they manage to inspire. As with any new venture, the relative success of the apps will depend on how effectively the public sector chooses to deploy them.

An app that is designed to gather environmental data by issuing reminders to users to collect samples across a wide geographical area may be very successful. On the other hand, an app that attempts to solicit donations for a public radio station by issuing reminders may irritate users and lead to resentment. As always, the app itself is merely a vehicle. The decisions of those who actually operate the app will determine how well it is received.

There is no doubt that these apps will lead to a more organized exchange of information between departments and their constituents. However, the public sector should be very clear about what its specific goals are before it launches an app on such a visible public platform.

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