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Crowdfunding is a technique commonly utilized by software designers and programmers to amass enough financial support to create a new application or tool. However, in its most essential form, crowdfunding combines the spirit of collaborative innovation with the economic muscle to produce tangible results, and therefore can be applied to other industries and pursuits withRead… Read more »

Balancing Innovation and Cost-Cutting

Why are workers keen to cut costs? In an economy when many companies have abandoned hiring, those who still have jobs find themselves overworked, but keen to keep their paychecks. As a result, many companies have begun using innovation management software to pick the brains of their employees to come up with ways to shortenRead… Read more »

New Delhi Traffic Police Benefit from Facebook Collaboration

Software that is accessible by a large number of people often produces unexpected benefits due to its inherently collaborative nature. In New Delhi, overburdened traffic police have gained an incredibly cost-effective method of catching traffic violators. Thanks to New Delhi drivers who snap pictures of offenders and post them to the traffic police’s official FacebookRead… Read more »

Intellectual Ergonomics: “Thought Breaks”

According to comedian John Cleese, the only way to be truly creative is to have “boundaries of space, and boundaries of time.” He argues that in a frenetic, multi-tasking world, innovation can only take place in an environment where the unconscious is allowed to explore thoughts without fear of interruptions. This downtime has helped himRead… Read more »

Creativity on the Clock

Can inspiration be regulated? This may sound like an oxymoron, but the idea of developing a predictable cycle of innovation is exactly what software company Ovo promises it can do. The company says that it can create “sustainable, repeatable innovation processes and [implement] software applications to enable the processes.” As our lives become increasingly mechanizedRead… Read more »

Innovation through Social Business Software

The recent launch of our software platform, Open Innovation, provides an a excellent opportunity to engage in a discussion about the importance of innovation, specifically in regard to workplace efficiency and communication. Around the globe, the past few years have witnessed significant infrastructural changes, not only in the way we communicate with one another, butRead… Read more »

What is Innovation Management Software?

What is innovation management software? Unlike traditional collaborative software ventures which emphasize open communication across an entire organization, innovation management software is more selective in how different members of the company interact. The software is tailored to construct hierarchies of ideas based on “reputation ranking” and “automated stage graduation.” Essentially, innovation management software has aRead… Read more »

Google+ Fosters Collaboration

What does Google+ have to offer the public sector that Facebook doesn’t? As a social network, Facebook currently dominates the social media arena with over 750 million users compared to Google+’s 43 million. However, there is a key design difference between the two sites that may benefit the public sector in the long term. ThisRead… Read more »

FanBridge Ecosystem innovates Facebook Pages

A static Facebook page is the equivalent of a blank slate; dull, but still full of promise. Custom app development has allowed companies to inject excitement into their Facebook pages. However, apps require technical savvy and a considerable amount of time in the development stage. Apps also require excellent virtual real estate. Even the mostRead… Read more »