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Federal Coach: Looking to Grow as a Leader? Then Look to the Past

No time has been more turbulent for leaders than the present. At least that’s what we like to think.

Even a superficial review of our nation’s history, however, will show that we’ve encountered plenty of tough times. For developing leaders – often eager to move forward quickly – it’s important to slow down and study our history to avoid committing the sins of the past.

For example, my organization, the Partnership for Public Service, examined the lessons learned from the Battle of Antietam as a part of our Excellence in Government Fellows program.

Now even your most difficult day at work cannot compare to what’s considered the bloodiest single day in American history. About this time of year, nearly 150 years ago, some 4,000 Americans lost their lives and another 18,000 were wounded in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Now we may not have to worry about cannons and muskets as much as we worry about emails and stock markets, but many of the lessons still apply.

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