Federal Cybersecurity Trends in 2014

2013 proved to be an eye-opening year when it came to cybersecurity. The NSA data breach shined a light on how virtually any organization is vulnerable to insider threats, and that achieving cybersecurity goals can be highly challenging.

Next year, the rise of mobile device consumerization will continue to provide both security challenges and opportunities. In addition, hackers continue to grow more sophisticated and methodical in their efforts to breach networks – and the threats could come both from internal and external sources.

From a protection standpoint, organizations will need to embed security into their business and organizational strategies, at all levels. In addition, achieving milestones in cybersecurity is like playing a game of football: Reaching the goal line 100 yards away is very daunting, so, organizations need to take incremental steps – much like in the game a team advances the ball one down at a time – when it comes to managing cybersecurity challenges.

These are some of the key insights that Jon Kim, Director of Iron Bow’s Cybersecurity Practice, offered in a recent podcast about where cyber security is headed in 2014.

Listen to the podcast here.

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