Federal EEO: How Much Do You Know?

Do you know about equal employment opportunity (EEO) in the federal government?

If not, it may be time to learn more, especially as our nation, along with the federal workforce, becomes increasingly more diverse and inclusive. How much do you know about EEO? Can you learn more?

The U.S. EEOC offers a variety of training programs geared specifically for federal employees. The interactive training is ideal for:

  • Federal supervisors and workers,
  • EEO counselors and investigators,
  • Agency representatives and attorneys, and
  • Anyone else interested in EEO issues and practices affecting the federal workplace.

“The EEOC believes that proactive prevention is the best medicine to stop discrimination before it starts,” says Carlton M. Hadden, Director of the EEOC’s Office of Federal Operations (OFO).

He adds: “Education and training on EEO laws, rules and regulations are vital to the creation of a model federal workplace and are effective, efficient and modest investments in preventing workplace disputes.”

EEOC course offerings meet training requirements for EEO counselors and investigators outlined in Management Directive 110 (MD-110).

Other courses are tailored to meet the needs of:

  • Federal managers,
  • Those responsible for conducting Management Directive 715 (MD-715) barrier analyses,
  • Drafters of final agency decisions, and
  • Feds who draft letters of acceptance and dismissal.

The 2013 national training course listing includes:

  • EEO and HR for Managers & Supervisors (Joint EEOC/OPM program)
  • Barrier Analysis
  • Basics of MD-715
  • Disability Program Management (basic and advanced)
  • Drafting Final Agency Decisions
  • EEO Laws Refresher
  • Counselor and Investigator Refresher
  • New Counselor and New Investigator

The EEOC Training Institute also offers additional seminars, courses and on-site customer-specific training programs. Fostering EEO helps create model federal workplaces and makes Uncle Sam an employer of choice.

Moreover, learning EEO may contribute to career advancement, project managment, citizen engagement, and enhancement of leadership and communication skills.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the EEOC course calendar and register today for the course that’s right for you and your agency.

And don’t forget to follow EEOC/OFO on Twitter @EEOC_OFO (8,700 followers) for news and information updates.


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David B. Grinberg

FYI — EEOC releases latest “Digest of EEO Law” containing a sampling of federal sector case summaries on a variety of key issues. Check it out here. This is required reading for govies and federal stakeholders in the EEO field. The latest edition features case summaries covering:

  • Agency Processing, Attorney’s Fees, Class Complaints, Compensatory Damages,
  • Dismissals, Findings on the Merits, Retaliation, Mixed Motive, Official Time,
  • Remedies, Sanctions, Settlement Agreements, Stating a Claim, and Timeliness.

In additon to recent Commission decisions, this quarterly publication — prepared by EEOC’s Office of Federal Operations — highlights federal court cases of interest.