Federal Employee Pay In The Spotlight Once Again

The report this time is that 77,000 federal employees earn more than the governors in their states.

To give you an idea of the findings, Governor salaries ranged between $70,000 in Maine and $212,179 in California.

Colorado had the most federal employees, with 10,875 workers having salaries higher than the state’s governor, who earned $90,000 .

Maryland placed second, with 7,283 feds earning more than their governor’s salary of $150,000 in the fields of medical officers, HR, and information and arts.

Delaware had the fewest number of federal employees, with 37 earning more than the governor

Here’s the breakdown of individuals surpassing their governors (excluding CIA, USPS, & a few other gov. agencies:

18,351 federal medical officers earned more than their governor

Over 5,000 air traffic controllers

4,346 attorneys

16 outdoor recreation planners

1 interior designer (…wow, surprised to learn there are Federal interior designers!)

– If you would like the read the newly released Fed%20pay.pdf Congressional Research Service report, requested by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., I’ve gone ahead and attached it!

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