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3 Steps to Inspire Your Team Without Paying Them (Or Without Paying Them More)

As a leader of more than a dozen volunteer organizations and a founder of three not-for-profit organizations, I have extensive experience in trying to motivate people who are extremely talented but aren’t financially reimbursed for their time. In addition, as a supervisor in government work, I know the challenges of inspiring employees who are olderRead… Read more »

Are You Talking to Me? How to Get the Civil Service Reform Convo Started

Back in July of 2013 the president released his management agenda, which focused on three main goals: finding new ways to deliver government services more quickly and conveniently; cutting duplicative and unnecessary programs; and expanding the numbers and type of government data sets provided online. It was a powerful agenda, but now, almost a yearRead… Read more »

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are Minimum Wage Increases Really Affordable?

This one comes to us from today’s headlines of today’s USDoL Newsletter… The full text of these findings are quite interesting: Opinion Poll: Small Businesses Support Increasing Minimum And how would this bottom-up stimulus effect Govies? How many of us feel like they we have “more purchasing power” these days? Would this type of increaseRead… Read more »

Are You an Overpaid Govie?

If you’re a govie, you’ll appreciate the recent Wall Street Journal article that challenges this implication. Results from the Census Bureau’s real world Survey of Income and Salary Program Participation (SIPP) showed that most federal workers who are looking to cash in on their skills by leaving federal employment will end up disappointed. Here’s whatRead… Read more »

The Federal Workforce: What Improvements Can We Make Now?

We are constantly hearing about how the polarization in Congress is making it impossible for anything to get accomplished. Are there any issues that can be not only agreed upon by our officials but also acted upon and implemented? The National Academy of Public Administration and the American Society for Public Administration came together onRead… Read more »

Part-Time Retirement Gaining Momentum?

H.R. 4363 proposes to allow Federal employees to “phase into retirement” by continuing their public service, working up to 20 hours per week while receiving a partial annuity. Phased retirees would come from the Feds’ pool of retirement-eligibles who have worked full-time for at least 3-years immediately prior to entering into phased retirement status. ForRead… Read more »