Federal Eye: Bo the Dog’s DOT Connections

In arguably the most unusual example of kissing up to the big boss, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is highlighting his agency’s connections to Bo the Dog, the new First Pup.

The dog is “truly a cute and energetic addition to the thriving Obama household,” LaHood writes in his “Fast Lane” blog.

“Turns out that young Bo has ties that lead right here to DOT and a similarly energetic but more mature Portuguese Water Dog named Pooka, owned by DOT’s own Janet Forsgren.” She’s the chief financial officer for the office of the secretary, according to DOT spokeswoman Jill Zuckman.

LaHood continues:

Follow me if you can: Bo was born of Penny, who lives on Martha and Art Stern’s farm. Penny was born of Pooka, who also was bred by the Sterns until Penny herself was of breeding age. At that point, Pooka, Bo’s maternal grandmother, came to live with Janet. Yet another example of the strong ties between this agency and the White House.

Janet tells me that 9-year-old Pooka is a loyal dog and great companion with “the waggingest tail east of the Mississippi.” Apparently Janet’s parents, George and Jane Rice of Williamsburg, have made a habit of taking her Portuguese Water Dogs home with them when they visit, and they are now taking care of Pooka and Janet’s first PWD, Cosmos.

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