Federal Eye: Marine, Navy commanders weigh in on ‘don’t ask’

The head of the Marine Corps said Tuesday that he opposes any moratorium on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bans
gay people from openly serving in the military. The armed forces should
stay focused on readiness and the ability to fight wars, he said.

Marine Commandant Gen. James T. Conway said he supports the Pentagon’s plans to review the policy over the next year, but told members of the House Armed Services Committee that “I would encourage your work, mine and that of the working group
to be focused on a central issue and that is the readiness of the armed
forces of the United States to fight this nation’s wars.”

“That’s what our armed forces are intended to do,” Conway said. “That’s what they have been built to do under the current construct,
and I would argue that we’ve done a pretty good job bringing that to
pass. So my concern would be if somehow that central purpose and focus
were to become secondary to the discussion because that’s what your
armed forces is all about.”

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