Federal Eye: ‘Please Remove Your Shoes’ pans TSA, FAA

Many disgruntled workers file grievances with their union or write a letter to the editor, but a half dozen federal employees have turned to the big screen to raise concerns with the nation’s airport security.

Please Remove Your Shoes” uses the experiences of current and former employees of the Federal Air Marshals, Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration to argue that FAA officials frequently turned a blind eye to significant security threats in the years before the Sept. 11, 2001
terrorist attacks. The workers argue that lawmakers later compounded
existing problems by reflexively establishing TSA.

“We took the same organizational template and same counterterrorist template verbatim and reapplied it under a new label and new people and threw some more money at it,” said Fred Gevalt, the film’s producer and a long time aviation industry observer. “But there are still some fundamental errors.”

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