Feds Feed Families

Greetings, All,

I want to make sure you know about OPM’s summer campaign to alleviate hunger.

As Director John Berry said in his kickoff message to agency heads, it’s a tougher year than usual for many people. I like to eat and don’t remember the last time I went to bed hungry, but many children are going to bed hungry every night this summer. In fact, last week, when my agency co-coordinator and I visited the Capital Area Food Bank, we were told that 1 out of 2 children in the District of Columbia are hungry every night. And it is my understanding that some child feeding programs around the country are suspended when school is out.

So this message is to propose a task to the entire GovLoop community, as follows:

FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Participate in your agency’s campaign enthusiastically between now and August 28th.

If you commute into Washington, endure the momentary annoyance of lugging food into the office and do it anyway (cash donations are not permitted) – several times. John Berry has proposed that we aim for the audacious goal of 1 Million pounds of food delivered to the Capital Area Food bank this summer; i.e., 5 pounds per federal employee who works here.

If you live elsewhere in the country, take food in to your office, which should be participating. And, why don’t you go to the Feds Feed Families website and think about submitting a story?

NON-FEDERAL COLLEAGUES: Consider making a donation this summer that alleviates hunger where you live. It is incredible to me that we human beings have yet to settle this issue definitively anywhere in the world.

EVERYBODY: Follow @fedfooddrive and Retweet what’s there – let’s see if we can’t get some action going! Bookmark the Feds Feed Families site on delicious! And have a great rest of the summer.

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Alice M. Fisher

I am so glad to hear this is going on! I will definately follow on Twitter and repost.
Oftimes buying food comes last on the list of first making rent
and then if anything is left then the bills.

John Sporing

Kitty, Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. While I have heard of the project, it had fallen off my radar. Let me know what I can do to help.

Andrew Krzmarzick

I’m really impressed with this program, Kitty, and have been at 3 agencies in the past week (Energy, EPA, Labor) – all of them are promoting it through posters around the organization. In the future, we should try to get this kind of activity posted as the GovLoop Project of the Week as a kick-off marketing strategy! Who do I talk to at OPM to pitch that idea for the future?

Kitty Wooley

Andy, great idea! I think Julie Saad, Young Government Leaders, will have a better thought on how to go about that since she works there.