Finishing the First Week of CON 090

My first impression was right: this is a very difficult class. It’s actually one of the most intellectually challenging classes I’ve taken. (The most difficult was Philosophy 101 with Dr. Janowski; guess which one he is. And yes, that intro class was tougher than any other philosophy major class.)

I discovered the beauty and horridness of FARSite Search. While not a particularly powerful search engine, it works perfect if you can get a 4-6 letter string of unique words. I wish I had an example, but it works. You just have to know how to work the engine and that simply takes practices. is also beautiful. It confines all searches to federal, state and local government sites. This is incredibly useful if you’re looking for a FAR Part with Google. Once you identify the FAR Subsection your information is in, you then go to the FARSite Search for the official version.

It clearly pays to check your class deviations. I checked my FAR, DFARS and DFARS PGI on the test but not the class deviations. I paid for it the hard way.

As usual, learn from your mistakes and go forward.

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