First Time Attendee Gives Reports of the Cleared Job Fair on September 15th

Friends + employer support win over nerves
Daisy W. woke up today not wanting to be here with us at our Cleared Job Fair in Arlington, Virginia. Noooo, it wasn’t about us … it was more about her own nerves. “I was really nervous to come here,” says Daisy. Thankfully, however, her buddies (for whom we are THANKFUL for!!) convinced her she should go. “I really was so tempted to just not show up,” says Daisy who is transitioning from the U.S. Army and seeking private sector employment opportunities in the Human Resources field. “But when even my current employer began to encourage me to attend today’s Cleared Job Fair, I just knew I’d have to go.”

Once nerves in check, Daisy comes into her own
Daisy shares that her being here today is part of her making an effort to use her permissive TDY as effectively and efficiently as possible. “This is my first Cleared Job Fair and I was not sure what to expect but getting here early really helped.” Why did being an early worm help her out so much? Daisy explains: “I was able to attend the first educational seminar — “Oh no! Not networking!” — led by presenter Patra Frame this morning. That was the best thing I did. Not only did I get some solid advice and tips but it really helped me to realize that the employers here are here to fill jobs. Patra helped me to see that these employers need to hire people so why not me?”

Resume tales & job leads
Despite her initial bundle of nerves, Daisy had come to our Cleared Job Fair quite prepared. “I brought more than 20 copies of my resume,” she shares. “I left a resume at every single employer booth here today except for two.” Daisy highlights her positive experiences with various employers including Booz Allen’s recruiter. “I really had a great conversation with the Booz Allen recruiter who provided me with their email address and business card. I have every intention of following up with them as well as all the other recruiters who gave me their business cards.” Daisy adds, “I feel I am leaving her today with a bunch of job leads … job leads I wouldn’t have had I surrendered to my nerves and not have come.”

And now what???
Even though Daisy made some solid connections with various employers, she says she still has to keep looking. “Being here was an important first step. I feel I am on the right path now.”

Advice for other military personnel in transition
“Anyone coming to a Cleared Job Fair should definitely bring plenty of resumes!! They should also arrive early to avoid long lines at the employer booths. My being early allowed me to be one of the first job seekers to speak with the folks over at the General Dynamics booth which was great. And I’d also advise to wear comfortable shoes!”

Daisy’s final parting words of wisdom…
“If you have *any* hesitation about attending a job fair, just go anyways. You won’t regret it. I wish I had done this much, much earlier.”

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Amanda Blount

I was wondering, all these jobs fairs I see on here I can’t get to, but I would love to see which vendors were there, and maybe see some of the power points of the training. I wish the actual job fairs would have an official website for each one. Set up a virtual Job fair. Maybe virtual chat which may include skype, or even a type of IM program. If you found an employer you were interested in, then you could go to a chat room and ask questions, then IM a private question when you wanted to.

OK Steve… get to work, we need this type of thing on here. You could even make some money by charging employers and attendees a very small fee to “attend” the virtual job fair. Employers could find good, steady, Government employees from all over the world right here on your website. This is a very targeted market, which employer recruiters love! You could then market the job fair all over the internet (no spam of course), and then you would end up with more members.

The whole thing could be set up just like a JOB fair. Employers, speakers (power points or short videos for people to watch anytime that weekend or day), maybe even some vendors would pay ads to participate. And us folks would not have to travel anywhere to “meet” some really great employers.


Great idea Amanda…Often we forget how hard it can be for people to be there in person for job fairs and online could be a great resource….Now if I only had a few more hours in the day 🙂

Amanda Blount

Thank you. But, I see you only have your job, your great website, the YGL, and all the meetings you have to go to for everything else…I am sure you have a few hours hidden somewhere. LOL 🙂 JK You are a very busy man!