FLAT Government: does Gov 2.0, eGovernment, promote FLAT Government Operations?

In the Age of Enlightenment & quickly towards the Age of World Peace as Attainable, where we encourage Transparency, Accountability & provide specifications to & for THIN Consultants & Contractors mindful of Taxpayer expectations, does Gov 2.0 & eGovernment promote FLAT Government Operations?

Where is Value added to Gov 2.0 in Community Participation?

Is an FLAT Government Possible? Desirable? An attainable Ideal?

Does an Working Constitutional Democracy facilitated with Gov 2.0 autoamtically entail mechanized functionability in Government & can it be facilitated with Gov 2.0 on Governance Issues?
Keep in mind, “No Child Left Behind” processed people/students as an commoditity, did not support Quality Instruction & taught the SAT Test rather than teaching Critical Thinking Skills.

Policy: Is Public Policy safely guided by Populism & an Appearance of Merit or should we hold steadfast to Goals of the Framers of the Constitution of the United States?

(Please suggest groups relevant to these issues. Excuse me if this is purely an Tech Venue.)

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