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Too Many Direct Reports With Your Flat Organization Structure? Considerations To Lessen The Impact

With many organizations wanting to be lean and have a flat organization reporting structure, managers may become overwhelmed by the number of employees reporting directly to them; and have difficulty effectively managing their direct reports and the operations for which they are responsible. Before you start to change your organization structure (or give up onRead… Read more »

The Meaning of Wikileaks

Wikileaks does it again, publishing material that was meant to be classified and protected. People have called it treasonous and recommended legal action. Others have suggested a cloak-and-dagger approach to punish the guilty. President Obama has called for agencies to review their procedures for handling sensitive material. The general consensus among those in Government andRead… Read more »

FLAT Government: does Gov 2.0, eGovernment, promote FLAT Government Operations?

In the Age of Enlightenment & quickly towards the Age of World Peace as Attainable, where we encourage Transparency, Accountability & provide specifications to & for THIN Consultants & Contractors mindful of Taxpayer expectations, does Gov 2.0 & eGovernment promote FLAT Government Operations? Where is Value added to Gov 2.0 in Community Participation? Is anRead… Read more »