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$250 An Hour? For What? Who Knows?

Some┬ácommunication tasks are highly valuable. For those you really need to pay what they’re worth. Take branding for example. Many people pass themselves off as brand strategists, brand gurus, brand visionaries, brand designers,┬ábrand ideationists, brand creatives, brand disruptors, brand innovators, and on and on. Most of them are not good at what they do. BecauseRead… Read more »

10 Big Things Every Consultant (And You) Should Do

A consultant (should be) someone who offers good advice. Many times this is advice based on subject matter expertise, experience, or other unique qualifications. However having a particular subject matter expertise or experience is only one facet of being a good consultant. Great consultants have a lot more than just expertise – they understand howRead… Read more »

Are Private Contractors the New Federal Workforce?

Last Sunday was graduation day at Duke. In our Master of Public Policy program, over half of the graduating students are employed, and over half of those employed are going to work for government consulting firms. Their salaries are about 20% higher than those who are working in government jobs, and they have been impressedRead… Read more »

Government standards support federal vendors in metropolitan DC and the nation

Government standards support federal vendors in metropolitan DC and the nation, Washington DC Government Business Examiner About one-third of metropolitan Washington DC’s economy is involved in or related to the federal government. Generally, the Nation’s Capital and surrounding suburbs are comprised of the following business sectors: Biotech – Washington DC is a biotechnology magnet, whichRead… Read more »

How To Manage Proposal Consultant Costs

Consultants often get the blame for high proposal costs because their fees are an obvious big-ticket item. Many business developers tell me, however, that when they tally up the proposal costs at the end of the proposal effort, it is not the consultants that blow the budget. Surprisingly, it’s the in-house employee costs that takeRead… Read more »

Small Business Impossible

Cities, counties, and states should adopt a Restaurant Impossible model to transform their small businesses. Restaurant Impossible is a popular show on the Food Network where Chef Robert Irvine renovates failing restaurants in two days on a budget of $10,000. These restaurants are deep into debt, have lost most of their customers, and are oftenRead… Read more »

Overcoming Proposal Writer’s Block

FREE One-Hour Webinar on April 14, 2011 (Thursday) at 1pm EST The proposal clock is ticking, pressure is building as the deadline is getting closer, and soon the stress becomes palpable. But you still have a hard time squeezing the words from your or your proposal team’s brains down on paper. You produce something byRead… Read more »

GBE101: strategies for business development under the social network umbrella

by Donna L. Quesinberry Government Business Examiner In the technological hour of 2010 there are so many inroads to business development that just don’t employ legacy plans of action. We now enjoy Pod-casting, Wikis and Wikipedia, Social Networks (SNS), Videographies, Webinars, SlideShares, YouTube videos, TelePresence, inVirtual communications, etc. Add to this laundry list of newRead… Read more »

GBE101: economic woes and the consignment promises of tomorrow

Work for fee – not free. by Donna L. Quesinberry Government Business Examiners 2009 had to be the worst year ever for economic woes in federal contracts. The Government Business Examiner in talking with numerous industry experts has learned that many consultants and businesses experienced a tough market climate during the past year, but everyoneRead… Read more »

National Writing Examiner (NWE) 101: the art of grant writing

by Donna L. Quesinberry National Writing Examiner Writing is an art that takes on many forms. Success-driven grant writing is an art that uses a logical structure and clear arguments to secure needed funding for a potential awardee. The grant proposal is like a sales proposal (most recognized are federal acquisition proposals) in as farRead… Read more »