Fools Gold

I’ve always liked April Fools, I love what other people do and it makes me smile when people go to a lot of effort just to be good-humoured or tell or share funny jokes, conduct and perform hoaxes, and other practical jokes of varying sophistication.

To do the same any other time of year just doesn’t seem to work or is considered wrong somehow, well i guess that depends on how severe the prank or trick is…

However the key point about today for me is that there is something in simply making people smile and laugh…I think we should do that more often – It really does have a huge impact on your personal well-being.

A favourite of mine today has to be Google Chromercise with its excellent workout video which simply made me laugh out loud.

Google have done some excellent stuff today and you can see some of their other videos on this page here….I also like the idea of being an AutoCompleter.

I do think finger sweat bands look pretty cool as well though…..I really want one, ok maybe ten. :-)

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